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Volume way too loud, laptop, windows 10 and a bluetooth speaker


I need to stress first that I've never had issues with the sound on this speaker before.  But now it seems like no matter what I do, if I try to go into a zoom meeting the volume is to the max.  I have been googling how to fix this and literally nothing does.  Let me tell you what I have tried so far:


Went into setting and put the audio at almost all the way down.  Tested the audio.  Still blasting and way to high.

Went into sound on my computer with the speaker.  Put it down to 2.  Tested the audio.  Still freakishly loud.

Went into sound mixer.  Lowered just zoom this time.  Tested it.  Sound still louder than the music I listen to.  And I listen to rock music.


Went into setting on my computer.  Went to the section where I can adjust for apps.  Lowered zoom too what is suppose to be very low.  Tested the audio.  Still so loud I'm afraid my neighbors hear it and are getting annoyed with me and all that testing.

Went to physically lower the volume on my speaker.  Something popped up on my screen to adjust the volume of my speaker.  I lowered that.  Tested the volume.  As quiet as a church mouse.  Just kidding.  Still so freaking loud I'm starting to feel like my soul is starting to leave my body to get away from the noise.

Ok all jokes aside.  How do I fix this?  It never did this before with my speaker.  Was it an update that could be affecting it?


My laptop is also not the most advanced I'll admit.  And neither is the speaker.  However, they both work well for what I need and work just fine.  So what do I do now?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

In the zoom app settings, there is an audio section.
Here you can test the microphone and speaker.

You can also disable automatically adjust microphone volume and move the slider manually.