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Updates Not Working


Everytime I've tried to install a new update, I get an error message that it wasn't updated. I use Windows 11 and 365 and it looks like a Windows Installer opens to do the zoom updates. I have a client meeting next week with 10 people and I'm nervous that something will go wrong because none of the updates seem to be taking. As you can tell, I'm not very tech savvy and cannot even try to reinstall because I don't see where the update went on my computer! I would be happy to delete zoom and reinstall BUT will this affect anything I've already set up for my meeting (meeting login/invite that has already gone out to attendees?) I would greatly appreciate any help. In summary:

1. I try to do Zoom updates when I get them but I get a message that it didn't work (I am still able to get on zoom without an update being required when I login.)

2. What should I do to check is these updates are actually being made despite the message that I'm getting that they are not?

3. If I uninstall zoom from my laptop (PC not Mac) and reinstall Zoom again, will this affect an existing important meeting I have already scheduled and sent out the zoom link?

Thanks again for any assistance!