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Unwanted "Vignette" effect I can't turn off


I am surprised no one is talking about this because I see it everywhere. Several YouTube channels that use Zoom are having it. Zoom seems to be applying a sort of vignette effect around my face, darkening everything except my face. But when I raise my hands it sees my hands and brightens those as well. It causes these "blobs" of brightness throughout the image, and it's constantly moving. If I shift in my seat, half of my shirt will turn bright, while the other half will stay dark, and it will flutter and move constantly. It's especially infuriating because I go to great lengths to use professional cameras and lighting to get it right. I've tried every setting I can find, and see no way to turn this off. (It's not the "low light" setting) 

Has anyone found a fix for this? Is no one else bothered by it? It seems so unprofessional and janky. It's like a bad green-screen effect. Zoom, please give us the ability to turn this off!!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I do Zoom meetings all the time with professional PTZ cameras and never see this effect. You have most likely engaged a virtual background effect. check settings > background & effects