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Unable to move participant into breakout room


We have a large training that we are running (~110-115 people). During these meetings, I make all facilitators and notetakers co-host so that they can mute people and troubleshoot issues in their breakout rooms, including moving people into the tech room.


In our training this week we had to keep one team in the main room since the interpretation does not move into breakout rooms.


When we set up breakout rooms, we set it to automatically move people to their room when we open the breakouts.


However, we had a problem with several people not moving to their room and staying in the main room. The other problem we had is when people lost their connection and returned to the meeting, neither my tech team nor the co-host in the main room was able to move those people into either the tech room or their specific breakout. They just lingered until something aligned in the universe and they finally moved.


Can anyone explain this and give me suggestions on how we might prevent this from happening in the future?