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Hello, when I am host, I start a meeting, a guest joins and then my app closes and restarts itself after which another account with my name joins so there are two versions of myself in the meeting. One will then go into the background after a few seconds (sometimes I then get a message that I have been made host) but after 40 minutes (even in a meeting of two participants) the time limit is enforced. I only have one Zoom account.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@Zcm You could try a clean removal/uninstall of Zoom Application and then reinstall it again. This is to ensure that any corrupted files/config on the application is all completely removed before reinstalling.

If you have a Mac - try uninstalling Zoom by using their uninstall file instead of putting the Application in the trash.
You can do this by going to Applications -> right clicking on -> Show package contents -> open Contents -> open Frameworks -> use the ZoomUninstaller file.

After this, try to reinstall Zoom again.



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Thanks @IP-Man I've done done that and will reply again after the next few meetings. Fingers crossed.