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Samsung galaxy Tab S6 model SM-T860


I've been using Zoom for a long time on a Samsung galaxy Tab S6 model SM-T860 . and just within the past day Zoom workplace app will not launch.  It never said Workplace before? It leaves me stuck on the screen that says Zoom will start or click the button.  nothing happens when I click the button.  I have uninstalled, cleared data & cache on this tablet twice. any suggestions please? thank you.  

Is there possibly a link to an older version that I can install 



I've also had the same issue. Replying to follow answer.

I been using the web version to log on to zoom with that tablet.  being a work tool having the actual app would be helpful.  hope to find an older version that works to rollback to.

Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Hello there!

I'm sorry for the late response and welcome to the Zoom Community! 

Please try these troubleshooting steps.

  • Attempt to start your video by tapping Video
    • Switch between the front camera and the back camera by tapping Switch Camera.
  • Check if any other applications are already using the camera.
    • Open recent applications.
      Note: How to open this varies by devices. On some devices you can hold down the home button, while others have a recent applications key.
    • Swipe right to close any applications that are using the camera.
  • Check that Zoom has permissions for the camera.
    1. Open the device Settings.
    2. Tap Applications or Apps.
    3. Tap Zoom.
    4. Tap Permissions.
    5. If it does not list access to take pictures and videos or Camera, tap the option and change the permission from Deny to Allow
      Note: Android settings vary between manufacturers and service providers, so these instructions may not exactly match your device. 
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Zoom app. 
    1. Open your device Settings.
    2. Tap Applications.
    3. Tap Zoom.
    4. Tap Uninstall.
    5. Confirm Uninstall.
    6. Open the Google Play Store.
    7. Search for Zoom Cloud Meetings.
    8. Tap Install.
    9. Restart your Android device.

Let us know if you need further assistance.

Zoom Community Team
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