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Recording a meeting that I have to leave early


Hi, We are holding a meeting tomorrow and I need to record but also I have to leave the meeting early. I am confused on how to do this. I don't have a plan that will allow for an Alternative Host or another "licensed" user.


If *I* record to the cloud at the beginning of the meeting, and then make someone cohost, does the recording continue after I have left ie until all participants have left? (My understanding is the cohost can't end the meeting itself?) Another community thread suggests this is what happens, but then someone commented that it doesn't work. Alternatively, I think the solution might be for me to make someone the cohost up front in the meeting and then *that person* should hit record to the cloud and then end the recording at the end of the meeting and it would go into my user account? 





We do that with our meetings on a regular basis. 


When I start our meetings, I immediately assign few co-hosts.  I've got into this habit when my home connection was unstable and I don't want all our attendees be out of the event when my connection is dropped.


When our meeting would go beyond original scheduled time, I often had to switch to a phone so I can jump to the car and drive to my next destination while keeping the meeting going.  Since using the phone and from the car I have way less abilities to be fully engaged, co-host would pick my facilitator's duties.


Based on my observations, co-host has same controls over meeting as the original host.  They can start / stop cloud recording, control highlights, admit attendees from the waiting room, and stop the meeting.


Alternatively, you can assign another person as a host - transferring the host will not interrupt recordings.  Your button would switch from "End Meeting" to "Leave" - so you can leave the call while keeping a meeting running for other attendees.