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Poor Audio and Video Quality and Disruptive Participants in Zoom Meetings on My Ryzen 9 Laptop


I love to be using zoom meeting and I am using zoom meting just because the privacy and it good and easy to use but for the last one month I am facing issues in it. I wanted to reach out to this community to discuss some issues I've been facing while using Zoom on my Ryzen 9 laptop[] I appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have to help me resolve these problems.

I have noticed that the audio and video quality during my Zoom meetings is not up to par. Sometimes the audio cuts out, and the video appears pixelated or freezes intermittently.

I have also been facing issues with disruptive participants in my Zoom meetings. These individuals often join uninvited and cause disruptions, which can be quite frustrating and time-consuming to handle.

My laptop specifications:

Processor: Ryzen 9

RAM: 16 GB

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX

Window 10


I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance you can provide. Thank you in advance for your time and support!



Hi @nikitasing there could be a number of possibilities for poor audio and video quality, either from your computers side or Zooms side. 


First, have you attempted to update Zoom recently? Version 5.15 is out, and suggest updating if you have not done so already! 


Secondly, have you attempted to test both audio and video? 


Testing your camera source, before the meeting, you can do so by going to your Zoom client settings > Video, to ensure your camera source is displaying properly.

To test Audio, Zoom client settings > Audio, to test both your mic source and speaker source, ensuring the quality is to your desire.


Thirdly, you can attempt to test your connection within a test meeting, to determine your quality


Lets start there and let me know how your quality is before a meeting, by updating, testing video and audio within the client, and running a test meeting. 

Zoom Community Moderator

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