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Performing songs on zoom


Hey everyone, hope you guys can help. I’m trying to perform during my live meetings using my interface, but I can’t hear any of my effects and I can’t play my accompanying music either Where everyone can hear me can anyone help me with this? I have a huge presentation in four days. I know zoom compresses everything into one, but there has to be a workaround for this. Do I need an additional mixer or what?!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Since you did not give the interface name or connection method I will assume that it is a USB interface that appears in Zoom as a mic source. Be sure that you have "Original Sound for Musicians" selected in settings and turned on during the meeting. If it is not turned on you will hear voice but music will be suppressed because Zoom treats it as noise when this is off.

Thank you for your reply. Fortunately, that’s the basic stuff I’m using Universal audio Apollo twin X which has an in-depth capabilities of channeling sound and I haven’t been able to get an In-depth answer from anyone and everyone just keeps giving me the basic information of settings that doesn’t do anything because zoom compresses everything into one audio channel. There has to be a workaround to be able to Channel all of my plug-ins in someway