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No longer able to use 2 different devices during a meeting


I’ve held a Zoom crop every Friday night. I am always on 2 devices so I can teach and see my customers.  Tonight it wouldn’t allow and would log me out of one device. I’ve even used 3 devices with no issues

laptop iPhone and iPad. 
I have not changed any of my settings. All devices are running latest version of OS and Zoom. 

I have read multiple articles here however none offered a solution 

I’ve searched Google and YouTube 
Please help as I have major event 3/31

thank you



When I need 2 devices, I'm logged into one and the other I enter as a guest.  I can make that account a co-host if needed.  

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @LadyBren.


@KhanKnight has the right idea: use multiple accounts.  In fact, you can create multiple Zoom users from your own account; see this Zoom Support article for how to create additional users on your account:


Make the new users Basic accounts - that way there's no additional charge, and they can Join any meeting.  Also, Zoom users all on the same account are accessible from the Participant window's Invite screen.  I log in to my own Zoom user on my PC, then "invite" my "helper" users, and just click the "Join" button on the alert message that appears.


Try it... test, test, test!

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