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New Zoom Meeting Invites Coming Up As Rescheduled




I'm hoping someone can assist me with a tech issue (that is probably simple). I work as an assistant to my supervisor and therefore need to make Zoom meetings on his behalf. He currently has me listed under his settings as a delegate with access to preform such tasks.

We use the Zoom Google Calendar add-on to schedule meetings. After creating a meeting and clicking "Add Video Conferencing" it populates with a scheduled Zoom link/passcode and lists him/his email as being the 'host.'

When I send out the invitation to the attendees, it sends them/my supervisor an email that says the meeting has been 'rescheduled.'


We both turned off personal meeting ID links in our online profile settings, so it isn't that. Not sure if it is on his end or mine, but it could potentially become quite confusing for others.

Would anyone know how I can resolve this issue? 


Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you!



I too have the same issue but don't see any replies as to how to reconcile the issue. 


Welcome to the Zoom Community @nking @MMSS !  I see you asked your question a few days ago and have yet to receive a response… I apologize for the delay! I appreciate your patience. Hang tight while I try to find some subject matter experts to take a look at your question and provide you with support.  In the meantime, I welcome any experts or community members out there to chime in with a helpful response or proposed solution 🤓.



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Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @nking


 Try this for me and let me know how it works please. 


Go into your Zoom account > meetings > schedule meeting > add the person that you have scheduling privilege for to the meeting > set the date and time and topic and then hit save. 


Go back into the meeting and choose add to Google calendar which should ask you to "allow" google calendar to make changes. 


The event should then be created in your Google calendar. Go in and edit it and then add your participants. Please let me know if you have any issues with that method of creating the meeting. We can go from there because honestly I have not seen this issue before. I am assuming that it is a timing issue possibly between your PC/Mac and your profile potentially but that does not completely answer to why this is happening to you. Further troubleshooting might be in order. 




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