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My video display experiences error, please help.


Dear ZOOM,

Thank you for your hard work and service.


Herein I provide you with the screenshot of my problem (the picture), so you or anybody can help me find the solution.

I tested the ZOOM video with my external camera and I have still the same issue.

Previously, I tried to examine my built-in camera with the camera app. on my laptop and used different video conference platforms, but I do not have this problem. This happened since I updated the ZOOM app. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but I still got the same problem. It run normally for a few seconds then the problem appeared, then I stopped my video and started again - it was normal for a few seconds again, and the problem appeared, and on, and on. Would you please kindly help me out?


Thank you so much,




Hi! I've had the same issue ever since I updated Zoom a couple of days ago. I restarted everything as well and still have the same problem. Did they give you any solution or contact you?



Hi Clodi! Unfortunately, they have not contacted or replied to me yet. Hopefully, they notice this question and/or somebody in the community can help us with the solution. If you happen to know something about this, please write me here, Clodi.



Hi, Clodi!

I figured out how to have a good video display. I uninstalled the app. and installed version 5.12. 


Hope that helps.


I have a similar video error symptom.
The screen flickers intermittently.
Other participants' screens are blended on top.

I've used it on a Windows 10 tablet and both have the same symptoms.
There are several users with the same symptoms.
I recently ran into a problem.