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My microphone is crackling when in meetings


I am facing issues with my microphone crackling and the sound not being 100% clear for my participants. I am using the Sony XM5 headset and I have tried using my older XM4 headset and the issue persists with the crackling. 


The solutions I have tried have been as follows:

  • Resetting my laptop and doing a clean install of Windows 11
  • Updating the audio and Bluetooth drivers on my machine (Windows 11 64bit)
  • Reinstalling the Zoom app on my desktop
  • Changing the microphone settings in the Zoom app
  • Using an alternative Bluetooth headset (both headsets work fine on WhatsApp and phone calls)
  • Checking for any electrical interference from near by devices  

My internet connection has no issues and is more than capable of providing the bandwidth to support Zoom.


All help would be appreciated. Thanks! 






Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Have you tried disabling exclusive application control on the headphones via Control Panel -> Sound?

Have you tried disabling audio hardware acceleration in Zoom?


Please try both and report back!

Hey @James-mccormack checking in to see if @bstrelko reply was helpful. Were you able to disable those settings? If you were successful in resolving this, would you mind sharing your solution?

Zoom Community Moderator

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