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Meeting has expired? This is for a recurring meeting and I can't edit a single event in the string?


Good morning all.  Thank you for your help.  I am an admin and I am supposed to go in an event in a recurring meeting.  However, it says that the meeting link if expired and there are no editing options.  Can you please advise what I am missing.  I have scheduling privileges in the google calendar, and can make meetings for the Execs.  Why can't I edit?


Thanks again-LeAnn


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @LeAnnEstey,


I don't use the Google extension for Zoom, but I do use the Outlook extension for Zoom... and many things work really, really well... but like you, I had a variety of issues trying to work on individual sessions of recurring meetings.


What I've found is that editing the individual sessions is a lot less troublesome going through the web interface on  But there are two things to remember here... which you might or might not already be aware:


First, is that recurring events that have "No Fixed Time" as the recurrence don't have sessions that you can edit individually.  Each time a  "new" occurrence is started, it takes on whatever settings that are currently set for the created meeting.


Secondly, if you have a recurring meeting with something other than No Fixed Time recurrence, there is a limit of 50 occurrences.   The "After __ occurrences" drop down will only go to 20; but the End Date calendar picker turns dates beyond the 50 range grey, and they can't be picked:



Maybe neither of these applies in your situation, but try my suggestion of editing from the web interface and see if that helps, or maybe it makes clear why you can't. 


If you have more info, come back here and post, and I'll do what I can to assist.

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