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Inquiry About Using Zoom Meeting SDK for Doctor-Patient App



I am currently developing a doctor-patient application where patients can join meetings through a mobile app, and doctors can join through a web app. Our platform supports multiple doctors, but each meeting occurs between a patient and a single doctor, with the doctor being the host and the patient a participant.

I have a few questions regarding the usage of the Zoom Meeting SDK in our app:

  1. Development vs. Production App:

    • What are the differences between a development app and a production app in the context of the Zoom Meeting SDK?
    • Is it necessary to publish our app in the Zoom Marketplace if we intend to use the Meeting SDK for both the web and mobile versions of our app?
  2. Need for a Production App:

    • Given our scenario, where we have multiple doctors but only one doctor and one patient in each meeting, do we really need to create a production app?
    • Can we operate using an admin account for all doctors without transitioning to a production app?
  3. Single Admin Account Usage:

    • Is it feasible to use a single admin account for all doctors on our platform?
    • What are the limitations regarding the number of meetings that can be created using a single admin account?

Your insights and guidance on these questions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!