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Incomplete Zoom Update. Should I worry?


I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the correct forum.


When I opened Zoom it initiated an update.  During this process a Windows 11 dialogue box popped up asking if I would permit the app to make changes to windows and I was rushing a bit to join a meeting and clicked no instead of yes in error.  Well I closed the app and tried opening it again and it's not initiating another update, so apparently it thinks its up to date but whatever it had to change (registry?  Files?  I have no idea) would not have been done.  Zoom seems to be working but is this going to create a problem later on, like next time it tries to update or are there parts of the app that might crash or misbehave?  Will the next update fix it?  Is there a way to roll back and update again or force the update to repeat?