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Enable Translated captions toggle for Zoom version 5.16.2 (22807)



What are the prerequisites in order to enable Translated captions toggle for Zoom version 5.16.2 (22807)?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Denisa20.


I assume for the moment that you are on a Pro account... possibly on your own account, with no other users.


Translated Captions is an add-on for Pro accounts and Business accounts (but included in Business Plus accounts).  Monthly it's $5 per user, or annually for $50 per user.   While logged into the Zoom Web Portal (, view the Pricing page ( and search for this:


Go through the process of obtaining a license. Afterward, you need to assign that license to your Zoom user; see this Zoom Support article: 

Then, follow this Zoom Support article for information on how to enable the feature for your account: 

(Note: You may have to enable at the Admin/Account level and the User level).


At that point, the Translated Caption should be enabled for you during meetings and webinars.


If you are not on a Pro or Business account...

You might need to contact your organization's Zoom admin for assistance.


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