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Date Change for Meeting with Registration


I had a meeting set for February 22 and had already sent the invite out.  This meeting requires registration and I have 28 registered so far.  Today we realized the date needed to change.  I updated the Zoom meeting date from the 22nd to the 29th.  A note popped up that those who had already registered would be notified so I assumed their registration was still good and would work on the 29th.  I told those who had already registered that they would not need to re-register. 

Can someone please confirm that they do not need to re-register?  I had one client come back to me who DID actually re-register and she said the meeting still said the 22nd so now she has TWO meetings for the 22nd.  I am so confused and really do not want to send a THIRD email about this!  

I appreciate any help ASAP!  Thank you in advance!

PS... is there a support line to call Zoom support??


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  • did you change anything else besides the date? even a little change in a question can cause Zoom to ask prior registrants to register again.
  • I'd also click the reg link and make sure the reg page shows the updated date and time at the top. maybe the change didn't stick...
  • a final thought about that client - I'd look hard at their email addresses - if they used 2 separate ones, or if they made a typo in one, it's going to show them as separate attendees. 

Hey @KCham22 just checking in on your discussion and was wondering if you were able to resolve this? If so, that's great! Do you mind sharing what you did to resolve this? 


If not, how else can we help? We'd love to further troubleshoot with you! 

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We have been working through a similar issue. We discovered when meeting dates are updated on the zoom web platform that it does not automatically push the date change to registrants. To effectively communicate the date changes we have to resend the confirmation email to all registrants AFTER we make the date change in the zoom web portal. Then registrants must add the updated invite to their calendar and delete the old one.