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Custom Order of Gallery View Changes During Cloud Recording


The cloud recorded order of the gallery view is different from the custom view that I set as the host. Do anyone know how to resolve this issue?


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @sniggil1! Welcome to the Zoom community, we're happy that you're here 😊

When you record to the cloud, it will record the video layout that you set in your web settings (Setting > Recording tab > Cloud recording).  This allows for the cloud recording to capture the video layout you set beforehand, regardless of what view is used in the live session. 

This article also covers some examples of recording layouts: 

Hope this helps!

Hi @crchan123 (and @sniggil1 ),

@crchan123 thanks for your answer but I'm not sure it covers the OP's question. I also have the same question / issue.

It's clear how to record Gallery view in Cloud recordings but it's not clear (at least anywhere I can find) what the ORDER of the participants in Gallery view will be that are recorded in cloud recordings....

1.  If ‘Sort Gallery View’ is enabled and the host sets a custom gallery order by dragging the participant video thumbnails, at the start or during a meeting - does the cloud recording use, follow and keep up to date with this order?

2. What about if the host uses a saved custom gallery view order  (View > 'Load Video Order') or a Sort option is selected (e.g. Sort by first name) ?   - does the cloud recording use, follow and keep up to date with this order?


3. Does View > ‘Follow Host's Video Order’ have any impact on 1. and 2. above in relation to cloud recordings?

4. If 1. or 2. above applies and a participant leaves a meeting and then rejoins the meeting, will they re-appear in the same place in the gallery view order that they were in before in the Cloud Recording?

The reason why this is so important for us is that the recordings are being edited in a video editor using a template that breaks if the gallery participant order changes - either during a meeting or from one meeting to the next.  

So the ideal solution would lock this order down permanently - regardless of meeting or if a participant leave and rejoins.

Thank you!

Hi @sniggil1 and anyone else landing on this page looking for answers,


Given no answers were forthcoming here from @crchan123 or anyone else - so I signed up to a Pro account for 1 month to get access to Support.  

After many backwards and forwards with multiple first level support reps and despite me trying to be precise in my questions as well as running tests involving multiple people I was provided advice that was not precise and very often confusing and contradictory - even from the same rep!!!  (making me wonder if they are just making it up as they go along!!!) .    Finally a supervisor joined and arranged a meeting with me to resolve this.  

And the answer is very simple.

  • Gallery View CLOUD recordings ALWAYS have the participants ordered in the order they join the meeting, regardless of what the host does to re-order them.


  • Gallery View LOCAL recordings ALWAYS have the participants ordered in the order that the host arranges them in - whether done manually by dragging or by using one of the sorting options in the View menu.


  •  The host can use the 'Save Video Order" / "Load Video Order" functions (once the "Save Gallery View" option is enabled in the host's Zoom web portal settings) to save and recall a custom participant order but ONLY if the meeting is part of a series of scheduled recurring meetings (the custom order is saved to the recurring meeting ID) 

Hope this helps someone!