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Creating a Google Calendar Zoom Meeting


When scheduling an event through the Zoom Desktop Application, selecting the Export option to any option will change the meeting to be set on the primary calendar, and you cannot change it back to the original calendar you had originally selected. You have to delete the entire event and recreate it.


If you create the event in the Zoom Desktop Application and save it in the alternate calendar without selecting the Export option, you can then open the saved email and select the export option after it's been saved, and the event stays in the proper calendar.


This is a new bug that has just started happening with the most recent update to the Zoom Desktop Client. Have logged a Support Ticket, but unsure if others are experiencing the same issue.


Here's my actual workflow example: I have Google Calendar integrated into the Zoom Desktop Client so that I can see several of my Google Calendars (all under a single Google Account). I have set up a separate calendar also under this same account that houses all of my Zoom Meeting Events. When I create a new meeting in my Zoom Desktop Application, I will input in the relevant information (e.g. meeting title, start/end time, time zone, etc.), and then I used to be able to quickly select the Calendar to save the event into as my "Zoom Calendar", select the recording template, and select the "Export" option to "Other External Calendars." That way when I save the event, it will save into my Zoom Calendar that resides in my Google Account, and I will get a pop-up dialog box that presents me with the relevant Zoom Meeting information I can quickly copy & share with my clients.


Now what happens is that once I select the "Export" option and set it to any of the options provided, the event will save into my primary Google calendar, and I cannot change it to the correct calendar. Additionally, this event does not sync with Google Calendar, so no calendar event actually shows up in my Google Calendar. It is only visible in Zoom.


I have no idea what has caused this change, but it is a massive frustration that has added several steps to my workflow.


If anyone else has seen this issue and/or has a fix, please let me know.


Thanks, much.



Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Welcome to the Zoom Community @M3850307! We sincerely appreciate your contribution to bringing up this issue and sharing it with the community. Such participation is highly encouraged, as it allows other users to provide solutions and assistance.

Thank you for submitting a ticket with case number #TS1287446. Our engineering team is actively working to resolve the issue and is awaiting further information to aid in the investigation. We appreciate your patience as we work to resolve this matter promptly.

Thank you, and have a fantastic day!

Zoom Community Team
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