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Convert Zoom mass deployment to Standard Deployment


This issue started very early sometime 2020 or 2021 as some users during the POC or testing period installed Zoom manually, some users used the "Windows 11 pre-installed Zoom" while the other 100s of user had their zoon deployed via PDQ Deploy.


Then some of the admins reported that there is a "auto-update" function in zoom while others said there was no auto-update function.


But the problem only came to light in Feb 2024 as users were forced to update their zoom application in order to make calls or have meetings etc


Then the admins used PDQ to deploy the Zoom package form PDQ as they were unable to update zoom by using the zoom application or the zoom installed (downloaded from the zoom site). But when using the Zoom package from PDQ, we noticed a few issues where Zoom desktop shortcut icons were removed, certain settings like "audio source" was changed and for some cases users had to re-login. Then the auto-update feature was removed for those POC and test users.


The conclusion we had after testing for a few more users was that we should not be using the mass deployment version as it was a terrible show stopper where admins need to go around putting back shortcuts for users, settings and config were reset, no Auto-update feature and worse was that users needed to re-login and there was no "forget password" option in case they need to change password as they forgot their password (some were linked to their google account).


So is there a way to convert the mass deployed Zoom version to the standard version and enable the auto-update feature (for either the standard version or mass-deplyment version) ?