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Classic View gone with 5.17.5?


Hello all, I just updated to 5.17.5 and now classic view for shared whiteboard seems to be gone.  The first session with a client I had, I spotted a message asking me if I wanted to use Classic View and it switched back to what I'm familiar with in terms of the pen, eraser, etc. icons.  I have never seen this new version of View and don't like it and now that message asking if I want to use Classic View is gone.  I've gone through some help articles and apparently, this new view isn't necessarily new since the articles discuss how to make Classic View default in account management settings.  I checked and it is locked to Classic View so I'm wondering if defaulting now to this new view mode despite having Classic marked as default in the settings is a bug.  Anyone experiencing this?



Yes! Help, Help.  The new whiteboard is NOT user friendly, nor could I find a tutorial.  I like the prior/classic view.  I experienced exactly what you said above.

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

hi @HighTrails @WHarris 

Please go to the web settings page and find this option, uncheck "Use Whiteboard by default if available", then you can use the classic view by default.




I am super grateful for your help, I was suffering using the unfriendly whiteboard.

I have done that and it still DOESN'T let me get back to classic whiteboard. Any other ideas?

Hi i also have same problem but in zoom app in android smartphone. Kindly guide me to solve this problem. Thanks.

Help me find "Use Whiteboard by default"

Thank you



Thanks.  I had a ticket created and the agent told me to go to web settings, Whiteboard, and then disable the "enable in-meeting whiteboard".    That worked.  But now I'm wondering about your method as I see the "Use Whiteboard by default if available" under Meetings is still ticked.  Is that OK?  Should both be disabled?  Does it matter or one preferred?


Also, I want to tell Zoom that this is the FIRST time something like this has happened to me.  I've using Zoom for 3 years now with many updates.  What caused this to happen??  It was quite distressing the update happened right before I had several meetings and the new whiteboard interface is very difficult to figure out and navigate the pen options etc.  Much poorer layout than the old classic version.  I also hope Zoom will retain the classic option moving forward!

You are totally right! It's the same deal as when they changed the main interface so boldly that they had to backtrack on it.  The thing is they never notified or posted tutorials on how to use the features and it is so incredibly convoluted that it makes it almost impossible to use without resorting to opening a white screen elsewhere and using it as a whiteboard (classic) as it is referred to. 


Had they done that, the transition would have been smoother for everyone.  And I agree with you. I hope they never deprecate the classic whiteboard in favor of the vision board they are trying to push forward. 

COMPLETELY AGREE! I am in the same frustrating situation 😕


My problem is that I CAN'T get back to the classic version. 

Did you try the instructions they gave me that worked for me?  I got it back , thank goodness!  This shouldn't have happened in the first place.  There have been dozens of software updates over the years I've used ZOom and this is the first time it caused disappearance of classic whiteboard.