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Cannot annotate shared picture


I just upgraded from a (1st gen) iPad Air to a 10th gen. iPad and Zoom doesn't work as well on the newer iPad.

Specifically I cannot write anymore on shared scanned documents, whereas on the older iPad I can still do that. Why? How can I fix this? I need to make this work on the new device.

I teach on Zoom and it is important to be able to write on the handouts on screen.

On the old iPad, when I share a picture, the pencil icon appears in the corner and after clicking the icon the annotation menu opens up allowing me to write, doodle, etc.; on the new iPad, when sharing a picture, the pencil icon is nowhere to be found.

However when sharing the whiteboard, the annotation menu works fine on both the old & the new iPads.

I checked and annotation is activated in my account (Zoom One Basic).

Zoom version running on both iPads is 5.17.5 (13040).

Thanks for your help.



I have the same problem! I used to be able to annotate when sharing pictures on my iPad and now after the Zoom update there’s no pencil icon at all
This is very frustrating 

Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @Nic3 @Hannah8, Sorry for the inconvenience. 

When you sharing picture, tap the annotation button to expand the annotation bar,  did you see an Apple Pencil button in the toolbar? (Apple Pencil should be connected first). We just moved the Apple Pencil button to annotation bar for new iPad meeting UI.


Here is the annotation button in the left-bottom corner: tap this button, you can expand the annotation toolbar.


Here is the annotation toolbar. If you have your Apple Pencil connected, you will see a button in the top of toolbar.




Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy here to help.


The annotation button and toolbar no longer exist in shared photos only on whiteboard. This started after the most recent zoom update. Can you help? 

Hi @Coops678 yes, I‘d be happy to help you along and see how we can solve the problem. 

When you sharing a picture, it should be an annotation button in the left-bottom corner. See the two screenshots below. 




If not, would you mind to provide the screenshot of what you saw on you iPad? And provide you iPad system version(iOS or iPadOS version), Zoom client version(, and the iPad model. Thank you very much!

I am having the same problem! The annotation pen icon is no longer there to use

@Hannah8 if you host a meeting, please check the annotation setting in your web portal: Settings -> Meetings-> Annotation:


If you are join the meeting and viewing someone's sharing but you cannot do annotation, please checking with the host whether they enabled this setting on the web portal setting and checking with the sharing presenter whether "Disable Annotation for Others" in the meeting client settings is enabled. Here is the screenshot from desktop client.



If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!


I have checked the settings and the annotation option is on. In a meeting when I am the host there is no pen icon to annotate or toolbar

Thank you

HI @Hannah8,  If don't connected the Apple Pencil with iPad,  you still cannot find the annotation button or annotation toolbar?

Hi @Hannah8 We are trying to find out the root cause. Would you mind to describe more details? Zoom app version, iPadOS version and iPad device mode. If there any screenshot/screen recording would be more helpful. (Please don't record any private/sensitive content)


I’m on iPadOS 17.4 and zoom app  version 5.17.11

Since completing the update, when you share a photo the little annotation tool no longer shows up on the bottom left corner. There is no way to write on your screen even though we used to be able to. Now you have to use the white board which isn’t as user friendly. The annotation is turned on in settings so it’s not that. It’s something with the new update. 

Was this issue figured out? There was a new update and my entire display looks different. I no longer have the ability to annotate (the button in settings is turned on). I only see myself in the inset photo for the camera and no longer see the student talking. I have tried to draw on both PDF presentations and individual photos but there is no button for drawing anymore. Can you please help before I teach class tonight? 

I deleted the zoom app on my iPad and then re-downloaded it and now I’m able to draw again on my screen. 

I'm glad to hear that your issue has been resolved. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have!

I have the same issue, however previous versions of Zoom have allowed me to annotate while screen sharing and using the screen share website URL. Now if I use website URL I can annotate but I cannot see my clients. If I just used screen share, then I can see my clients but I CANNOT use annotation. 
previous versions of Zoom allowed me to use Website URL, I could see my clients AND annotate. Please advise how I can do this! I have deleted the app and re-installed, I have checked settings and yes annotation is toggled on, both my IOS and Zoom app are updated to the latest versions. Please advise!


Zoom support above is not helpful however I had the same issue on version 5.17 and upgraded to the new Zoom Workplace, version 6.0.2 and the toolbar with the pencil icon is back when sharing photos!!  Haven’t used any other features but updating seemed to work.  Hope it helps!