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Background sound (trying to allow it)


Hello, I'm looking to check/change the optimize background sound setting for a Zoom meet using the iOS app.   I found the information below, but when I start the Zoom meeting I cannot access this setting. Can someone direct me to this setting? Thanks. "

How to adjust background noise suppression for Zoom meetings

By default, Zoom’s standard optimized audio is used for processing your mic audio. This includes background noise suppression, which is suitable for most situations. However, unlike the desktop client, the Zoom Web App version only support full on/off options for background noise suppression.

  1. Join a meeting or webinar with the Zoom Web App or web client. 
  2. In the control toolbar, click Settings  
  3. Click the Audio tab.
  4. Under the Audio Profile section, select Zoom optimized audio.
  5. Select On or Off if you wish to turn on or off Background Noise Suppression." 


To adjust background noise suppression in the Zoom iOS app, go to "Settings" > "Meetings" > "Use Original Sound" and toggle it on to control noise suppression.

Hi Felix,

Thank you for your response. I was able to find that setting, however it did not improve the audio of the music we have playing in the background. The sound is sparatic for anyone connected in the Zoom meeting. I toggled the "use original sound" on to disable the noise suppression, but it did not make a noticeable difference. Are there any other settings options?