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Audio is repeating words/sounds


I'm having a strange audio issue. I'm in a meeting where one user has a conference microphone in a room, and occasionally, the sound from the room starts repeating. As in, someone from the room will say "oh wow okay", and immediately after other users will hear "oh wow okay" again, identically, coming from the same room. Weirdly, it's not just the audio that's repeating - we're also seeing the repetition in the transcript: "0 wow, okay, oh wow, okay". It happens with incidental noises in the room as well.


As far as we can tell, no other users in the meeting are having this problem when they are speaking. We fixed it once for the room by ending and restarting the Zoom meeting, but now after several restarts, we're still getting this repetition. I'm trying not to call it an "echo" because it's not like the feedback loop you'd get from a speaker getting picked up on a mic in the same room - it's sporadic repeats of words and sounds.


Has anyone else ever run into this problem? Is there a better solution than turn-it-off-and-back-on-again?