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Add a plain text password to a Zoom meeting URL?


I join a weekly meeting using a simple URL (e.g.,  I'm then prompted for a plain text password, which I manually enter.


I'm curious whether there's a way to add that plain text password to the simple meeting URL.


I'm aware that the meeting organizer can include an encoded password (?pwd=....), but for some reason they chose a manually entered password.


Community Champion | Employee
Community Champion | Employee



There's not a way to add the password to a link in the manner.  You can request the host update the meeting invite to include the password moving forward.

If you'd like to submit this as a feature request, all feature requests are managed within our submission form. We encourage you to submit this idea there, where the information will reach the relevant product team for review.


Hope that helps and please make sure to mark the solution as accepted if this information is what you needed.

Thanks! Rick


It is indeed rather pedestrian and a bit odd as it goes against the grain.

If the meeting host has already shared the passcode, it follows that gleaning the URL [complete with hashed] should not be a problem.

Coupled with the fact that Zoom already allows account/sign-in credentials to be saved in-app, the inability to do likewise for individual meeting rooms is rather daft.