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Zoom Sessions Pay Per Attendee Plan - Add More Attendees


The organization I work for purchased the Zoom Sessions (Pay Per Attendee) plan for up to 50 attendees. I misunderstood the plan and thought it would allow for 50 attendees per session, not per year. We have already used 45 attendees, so we will need to purchase more. When I go to 'Manage Plan' and 'Add More Attendees', you can select a plan for 50, 100, 600, etc. If we purchase one of these plans, is that 50/100/600 attendees in addition to the original 50 we had purchased? Thank you.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Did you look into upgrading to 100 p/y unlimited?  Its $990 and then you can have as many sessions/recurring sessions as you want with up to 100 people per session.

Denise Lahat
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Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @bekahgrace.


If you do not know who your Account Exec is, you probably do not have one assigned, and should contact Zoom Sales. I’m also a Zoom Partner Reseller for North America, and can assist you directly if you’re in this region. 


Zoom Events Pay Per Attendee licenses are per attendee, per event, and is a maximum of $2.50 per attendee, but cheaper if bought in bulk in advance.  Note that purchased PPA seats expire 1 year after purchase.  Normally these licenses are much less expensive for beginning users of Zoom Events, as compared to the Unlimited (annual) licenses.  You can buy additional PPA “seats” from within your account. 


The Zoom Events Unlimited pricing is maximum attendees for each event; see the current prices here fit the various levels: 

Please contact me through the Z-SPAN web site below for more info and assistance. 

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