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Hi - Is it possible in a webinar to allow for Q&A but also mute everyone else? Best practices on this? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @TB21.


By "allow for Q&A", I'm hoping you mean using the Q&A feature built into Zoom (webinars and now also meetings).  See this Zoom Support article for guidance: 


Who exactly is the "everyone else" that you want to mute?  By definition, the attendees (those who are not Panelists, Hosts, or Co-Hosts) are not permitted to speak.  If you have Hosts, Co-Hosts, or Panelists who refuse to go on mute, the host can force them onto mute; for a really obstinate crowd, the Host can disable the ability for Panelists to unmute themselves; they'd have to Raise Hand or send a Chat to the Host to allow them to speak.

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