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Webinar Scheduling


Hello!  I am trying to set up a course for attendees that will be available multiple times a day throughout the week.  For example, attendees will have options to register for a 9am, 11a, 1pm or 3pm course. Is there a way to have recurring courses throughout the day?  I only see to set up recurring for daily/weekly/monthly.


If not, is there a way to give a customer access to a calendar that that has all off the available courses that they can choose from and register?


Thank you for your help!



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @AStallworth. Sorry for the delay in answering your post. 

There’s no magically easy way to schedule options across a single day. Zoom doesn't  have a calendar presentation mode for meetings or webinars. You’ll likely need to find a way to display these on a web page and include the day’s links in each day. 

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