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Recording Settings


We have an issue where our Panelists (Speakers) enter the screen in a certain order/sequence during a webinar eg.

Panelist 1 - Top Left

Panelist 2 - Top Right

Panelist 3 - Bottom


When it is recorded, the positions of Panelist 1 and 2 are sometimes REVERSED  in the recording? How can we LOCK those positions in place? 




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Are you using Spotlighting to control the order?  I haven't specifically tested it, but I can't ever recall being bewildered that the recorded version had a different order than what I displayed.


If you're just allowing them to come in and take whatever order Zoom assigns them on your screen... keep in mind that the back-end Cloud recording system has no idea how your screen is ordered - everyone's might be different - unless you set all attendees to "Speaker View" and then select panelists to Spotlight in a specific order.


See this Zoom Support article for more info on spotlighting: 


Also see this on Recording Layouts: 


To get precise placement of speakers, gallery, and shared screen, check the various options to get separate speaker and gallery views, then edit in something like Premiere Pro or Final Cut.

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