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Paid webinars with unique logins ordered throught eventbrite is this possible


Hi we are a small charity based in the uk.

We run storytelling events into schools all over the world. At present we run these on Crowdcast but are looking at switching to Zoom. 

We charge schools £5gbp per school login via eventbrite and are looking for a way to automate the process but to an extent where the login is unique ie one user. per ticket bought.


I was wondering if anyone has ever managed to do this we have zapier set up and we have managed to work that between eventbrite and zoom meeting but if the login is shared then anyone who has the email can get to join. This is something we are trying to avoid if at all possible.


We are not insisting on using eventbrite and will consider any other option that indeed works but so far we are struggling


Thanks in advance for any help