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I'm trying to find a way where a Zoom webinar registration could lead back to my site domain


For tracking registrations, it'd be really helpful if we could have the confirmation page live on my site's domain. Is there a way for Zoom's registration button to lead to a confirmation page that lives on my site domain? Any other potential solutions?  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


I don't completely understand your goal, but does this help?


Creating webinar registration tracking links


Source tracking allows you to see where your registrants are coming from if you share the webinar registration page in multiple locations. For example, you can share one source tracking link on Facebook and another on Twitter, to see which platform users register on.

You can create up to 50 unique registration URLs for different platforms and share that unique link to track how many people visit the registration page and how many people complete the registration.

If multiple source tracking links are used for an on-demand webinar, all of the URLs will redirect to the recording after the webinar is completed.

Source tracking links are automatically generated and the unique URL cannot be customized. 



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Certainly! To link Zoom webinar registrations back to your site domain, you can utilize various methods to redirect or integrate your registration process:

1. **Customized Registration Page Redirect:** Zoom allows for some customization in the registration process. You can set up a registration page with your brand information and include your site domain's link prominently. Although the registration itself happens on Zoom, you can guide registrants to visit your website for additional information, resources, or to explore related content.

2. **Thank You Page Redirect:** After a participant registers for the webinar, you can redirect them to a custom 'Thank You' page hosted on your website. This page can include further details, resources, or a message encouraging them to explore your website, thereby bridging the gap between Zoom's registration and your site.

3. **Integration via APIs or Webhooks:** Depending on the functionalities supported by Zoom's APIs or webhooks, you might be able to integrate the registration process more seamlessly. This could involve capturing the registration data and syncing it with your site's database or triggering automated follow-up emails that direct participants back to your domain.

4. **Email Follow-Ups:** Send confirmation emails to registrants using the communication tools provided by Zoom. In these emails, include links that lead recipients back to your website for additional information, resources, or to explore relevant content.

5. **Widget Embedding:** If feasible, you may embed Zoom's registration widget or a customized form on your website. This method allows individuals to register for the webinar without leaving your site, maintaining a more cohesive user experience.

In all these cases, ensure that the transition from Zoom's registration to your website is smooth and provides added value to the registrants, such as additional resources, a community, or a more in-depth understanding of the webinar topic.

Remember, while Zoom may host the registration, leveraging your site's domain for post-registration engagement can enhance the overall experience for participants and potentially drive more traffic to your site.