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Embed Registration form with matching website style


I am aware of how to embed the current iframe registration page. However, it does not work well with our site style. Event updating the branding style of the registration page does not look right. Is there any way to seamlessly embed the registration form stripped of Zoom branding with custom fonts to match our site style? 

We use Cognito forms for other form registrations, and it works perfectly, matching our style, minus a slight change in font, which is easy to live with. 


For reference, we have the pro 1 account with only 1 host, so it seems like we might be limited. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @Keegan4123.


This is not likely related to the type of account. Unfortunately, Zoom posted are not designed to work nicely in an embedded web page environment. It’s a fairly common complaint here in the Community and in the Developer Forum. There are people that have had some success, but “it is what it is”. I think from Zoom’s perspective, “it works fine standalone, so just provide a link and create a new browser tab.” (Just my opinion as a customer; not an official Zoom statement!)

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