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Can an Alternate Host start a custom live stream on a Webinar?



I have a Webinar configured to live stream to a 3rd party website.  I have designated an alternate host for my Webinar.


I will not be available on the day of the Webinar. My questions are, the alternate host should be able to start the Webinar but:
1. Would the alternate host be able to promote any attendee to a panelist?
2. Would the alternate host be able to start the live stream?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @acenspades 




In Meeting (not Webinar) an Alternative Host cannot start a stream. This is documented here.


But the equivalent page for Webinar does not specify details for Alternative Host at all.


I'm guessing it is the same - so the answer would be no to streaming.


For Promoting:


In Webinar normally even Co-Hosts can Promote attendee to panelists - so I think at least the same would apply to Alternative Host.


You can pre-invite your panelists when you schedule the Webinar.




Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Good afternoon,


The alternate host would be able to do both promote any attendee to a panelist and be able to start the live stream if the following are completed prior to the Webinar being created.

1. Alternate host must be a licensed user 

2. Alternate host is delegated on the Alternate Host field when creating the Webinar.


Alternate Hosts actually have the same authority of the original host.  They are considered the main host of the meeting and the co-host features/functionalities do not apply.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @jon 


You mentioned both Webinar and Meeting.


For Meeting, at least, there are definitely some privileges documented that the Alternative Host does not have. Live streaming is a notable one in the documentation. 


In fact, it says (for meeting) Alternative Hosts share the privileges of a Co-Host (not the Host) - with the addition of being able to start the meeting.


Could this be wrong?




If you, host of the webinar, will not be present during the webinar your alternative host will be the host actually.

And he will be able to stard the live stream.

In a webinar host and also co-hosts can promote attendees.