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Upgrade an account to Pro or Business, create meeting api limitation will be gone?



I'm developing a platform for video calling which is want to integrate zoom as a video call 3rd. the platform will be used more than 100 for sure. I worry about the limitation of creating a meeting. As per has a section about limitation of creating a meeting which is limit of 100 requests per day. if the account has been upgrading to Pro or Business the limitation will be gone?.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @nslog0 , 

The limits are dependent on the API call and the account type. You can find out more about API limits on the Documentation portion of Marketplace

@Bort thank you 

I found this 


Daily meeting create/update requests

A single user may only use up to 100 requests per day (UTC) to create, update, or delete meetings. This 24-hour period resets at 00:00 UTC, not the user or account’s local timezone.

This rate limit is tracked at the User ID and applies to all Meeting IDs they host; however, it is not shared across an account.

Example 1: User sends 100 requests to create a meeting. On the 101st request to create, update, or delete a meeting within 24 hours, a 429 rate limit error would be returned. At 00:00 UTC, the user may resume creating/updating meetings.

Example 2: User sends 50 POST requests to create meetings. The user then sends PATCH requests to update all 50 meetings. The user then attempts to delete all 50 meetings but may not. Any request after the first 100 will return a 429 rate limit error until 00:00 UTC.


but the section didn't mention if I was upgrade an account type the limitation will be added more. a little confused