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Deadline change for JWT app type deprecation


Can anyone tell me what this is about? I'm a user... not a developer. Curious why I keep getting these emails:





Deadline change for JWT app type deprecation


Dear Customer,

Due to the U.S. Labor Day holiday weekend, we are delaying the end-of-life for JWT apps until Sept. 8, 2023. This means that after Sept. 8, 2023, all JWT apps will be deactivated, and integrations will no longer be able to interact using the JWT app type. We urge you to migrate to a Server-to-Server or OAuth implementation immediately.

On Sept. 8, 2023 Zoom will start the phased deactivation of JWT apps across all customer accounts. Due to the large number of accounts impacted, it could take several days before your JWT app is deactivated. You will be notified by email when the deactivation occurs in your account.

Zoom Rooms customers using the Zoom Rooms JSON RPC web APIshould migrate to the Zoom Rooms REST APIs.

Customers using the Zoom for Salesforce app, Epic, and Zoom for Microsoft Azure are advised to migrate to and configure OAuth as soon as possible.

For instructions on how to migrate specific integrations, please see the guides below:

If you are using a third-party integration that utilizes the JWT app, please reach out to the integration developer regarding migrating away from JWT.

You have the ability to remove a JWT app from your account. If you're actively using the JWT app type, we recommend following these steps before you consider removing the JWT app:

  1. Review the call logs for your JWT app.
  2. Follow the migration guide or the instructional webinar to migrate your apps.
  3. Once your apps have been migrated, or if you believe there will be no business impact, we recommend that you deactivate your JWT app. The JWT app can be reactivated if necessary.
  4. When you're confident that you no longer need the JWT app, you can remove it from your account. Removing the JWT app will permanently delete it from your account.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: There is no way to recover/restore the JWT app once it's been removed. ⚠️

You may also refer to the JWT app type migration guide for more information. If you have questions, contact our developer advocates on the Zoom Developer Forum or register for Zoom developer open hours.