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Issues with Participants Joining with


I am with an organization that runs confidential meetings over zoom. Recently we have run into the issue where we have had automatically join, bypassing the waiting room, records the meeting, then emails every participants a transcription of the meeting. We have recording turned off, but we have had reports that the AI is still able to record and transcribe every session it joins.


How can we prevent this AI from joining? Is there a setting we can have hosts set so that AI can be prevented from joining and recording? We recognize the benefits that AI can bring, but these meetings are too confidential to be able to record. the only solution we have been able to find is to manually remove the AI from the sessions



We also had an issue with the same situation with told Zoom hosts to remove the Otter pilot from the meetings and we did an education campaign to inform users of to be mindful and to get permission to use the tool in meetings.  There is really no way to stop the bot from joining-however, I had just received the following email from Otter about a change in the way that the Otter pilot can record a meeting; Otter is forced to ask the Zoom host for permission to record the meeting-no permission, no recording.  Here's the article;

I think Otter got backlash for the exact reasons that you had stated!  


this is very helpful. is there a way to get otter off my computer for good?

Listener is a web based system and you would need to delete the account or at least disable the settings in Otter that allows the bot to enter any meeting on your calendarOtter meeting settings.png