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Guest Consent for Meeting Summary


Is there a setting we can enable that allows meeting guests to give consent to or decline consent for using the Zoom AI Companion Meeting Summary functionality in the meeting?  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



Would a Zoom Custom Disclaimer meet your needs?


"Admins can show a custom disclaimer when users start or join a meeting or webinar, or sign in to their account through the web portal, desktop client, mobile app, and Zoom Web App. Users must agree to the disclaimer, otherwise, if they click Cancel in the disclaimer, they will not join or start the session, or sign in.

Admins can also play an audio disclaimer for meeting participants connecting through telephone audio. 

Users will be shown disclaimers each time an account owner or admin chooses to update a disclaimer, and then again at the specified frequency."



  • Display For: Specify if the disclaimer is displayed to internal or external users. You must select at least one option.
    • Internal participants: Display the disclaimer to internal users that start or join meetings.
    • External participants: Display the disclaimer to external users that join meetings hosted by internal users.
    • Show the same disclaimer to internal and external users?: If you selected both of the above options, you can use one disclaimer for both user types or have separate disclaimers. 



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I think that will be very helpful.  If they do click Cancel, how would we continue the meeting? Or would we have to start a new meeting with the AI companion disabled?    It would be nice if they could decline but still do the meeting, just without the AI companion piece enabled.