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Cannot access AI Companion meeting summaries so I can delete - settings say "locked by admin"




I couldn't find an answer for this already so I apologize if this has already been asked and resolved. 


I just used Meeting Summary with AI Companion for the first time, and the email of the summary that was sent to my participants spooked them out. They have insisted that I delete the summary, which I am fine with doing. 


However, I cannot figure out how to access the summaries, much less delete them. I tried to follow the instructions given here under "How to manage meeting summaries" (, but the instructions are outdated.


I navigated to the "AI Companion" page under Settings ( but I cannot access any of the AI Companion settings. They are all grayed out and say "Locked by admin." I click on the little V. icon for more information and got a message that says "This feature is only available with version 5.14.2 or later," but I am running version 5.17.11.


Who is this "admin" that is locking these settings, and how can I unlock them? I signed up for the pro account this evening for myself only. I am not affiliated with any work or school organization. And I would like to delete this meeting summary ASAP.  



Hi KMH777,

It sounds like you're experiencing a frustrating issue with your AI Companion settings being locked. 

Here's what you can try to resolve the issue:

  1. Check Account Type: First, ensure that you are logged in with the correct account type that has admin privileges. Sometimes, settings might not update immediately after upgrading to a pro account.

  2. Update Software: Verify that your application is updated to the latest version, even though it appears you are already beyond the required version. Occasionally, re-installing the software can help resolve such glitches.

  3. Contact Support: Since the settings are locked and you are the account holder, contacting customer support will be the best route. They can provide specific guidance and potentially reset the settings from their end.

  4. Admin Settings: If possible, navigate to the admin section of your account settings. There might be an area where 'Admin Settings' can be adjusted, even in a single-user account.