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Zoom Whiteboard 'Clear all' function missing


While the 'Delete Page Contents' option is buried in the pages section, is there a way, and ideally a keyboard shortcut that can clear the whiteboard of anything that was written. This would be incredibly useful so that if I have a lot of people collaborating, or in a lesson want to explain something quickly...


As a workaround is there a keyboard shortcut for 'Add page' such that I could quickly do that?


I thought in the older whiteboard there was a 'clear all' that was a trash can icon? And I'm just surprised that this feature appears to be missing, unless it's been moved?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello @TinyUX 


For clearing a page quickly, you can use the standard "Select All" command (COMMAND A on Mac, or CTRL A on Windows) to select all objects, followed by pressing by the Backspace or Del key.

The "Delete Page Contents" is in the page navigation tool, "..." menu for the currently selected page.

Hope that helps!





If you want to clear all entries but maintain the template structure, consider using "Version History" from the ... in the upper right to revert to the original version.