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Would like to share whiteboard



I am using Zoom's free account, and am the sole user.
That means I am also the admin, right ?

Recently, I started using Zoom's collaborative Whiteboards, and would like to share them.
However, the error message says that I can't share outside of my organisation.
When i check the settings, some options are greyed out.
No matter how I click, i cannot seem to get pass this error message.

To anyone reading this, would greatly appreciate any help to fix this issue.
Many thanks !!



Oh, after more than 2 weeks of struggling with this issue, i found this link:
Managing Zoom Whiteboard sharing options on the Zoom web portal – Zoom Support

And now i can share !
Yay !!

When I click on the link you provide I get an error msg that says the page no longer exists.  Can you explain how you solved the problem because I'm getting the same message that I can't share my whiteboards outside of my organization.  I have a Pro account and I have share whiteboards enabled but still get the error.  Any ideas/solutions?