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Using saved chats with a physical disability - how to do so with the least possible physical effort?



Dear community,


I have a disability (chronic pain in my arms) and therefore it is a great strain for me to type (a lot). As a language teacher I have been teaching online since covid hit, using varying media, a.o. Zoom. I use the message function to jot down notes (vocal, grammar and so on) that I share with students after class via mail. Unfortunately, those notes are saved with a lot of clutter (digits: the exact time in which each single message was sent and 'Blablabla to everyone'). I need to remove these bits manually before I can send the notes to my students, which is a huge strain on my arms and adds to my chronic pain. Is there a way in which I can tweak the way chats are saved? Or do you have any advice on how to implement chats into e-mail with the least possible strain (all out-of-the-box-ideas are welcome!)? Any advice on how to keep class notes in a format that doesn't need a lot of steps and handwork for it to be shared with students? Any tips in general for people with physical limitations when it comes to typing are more than welcome and very much appreciated!


Thank you for thinking with me,

cheers, Anne Marijn



i hope you get better soon!

Ultimate Zoomie (^.^)