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The time setting



I am Youngna from Movement Seoul and we’re providing art education programs online.

We are holding real-time video classes through ZOOM in order to connect students in Seoul to the instructors living in Paris currently.


Unfortunately we got a problem with setting the time for the class. The problem is that the meeting we scheduled has a wrong time setting. 

Just so you know, the time in Seoul is eight hours faster than in Paris.

We scheduled the meetings to have them start on the same day by calculating the time difference between Seoul and Paris.

Let’s say, the time we want to start the meeting is November 16th, 17:00 KST (set the time with API created in Seoul)

then the instructor in Paris would start it on November 16th, 09:00 GMT.


FYI the instructors’ API created in Paris, France.




However, the prearranged meeting has been set 8 hours later.



Seoul: November 16th, 17:00 KST

Paris: November 17th, 09:00 GMT


We desire to have the class on the same day but since this error has occurred, we are struggling with it now. 


Is this because we calculate the time difference wrong or just the error on ZOOM?



When you set up a meeting, have you tried setting up the time zone for the time?





If you schedule via the API, check with your developer to ensure the time zone is considered upon sending the invite.