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Static When Recording

Grand Rising and Happy Sunday! I would be so appreciative for any effective guidance you're able to offer re: the above.
I've been podcasting for over 3 years, all of them with Buzzsprout. Starting about 2-3 months ago, when the person I'm interviewing starts to talk, I pick up at my end in my headphones, a most annoying and distracting static which comes in and out. My guests report that they don't hear it but rather at their end, whether I'm speaking or not, it's crystal clear.
The computer I was using, had a hard drive crash around the same time requiring me to buy a new one.
When the person I'm interviewing (all guest recordings are on ZOOM) turns off their video, the static stops.
Both my guests and I use a quality headphone and microphone (my headphones are ATH-M30x and my mic is an audio-technica atr2100-usb. What settings should I be using for my headphones and mic? I'm wondering if my settings are part of the problem.).
After my recordings are finished on ZOOM, I upload my track to Hindenburg and this is where things get nuts! When I listen to my recordings on Hindenburg, it's clear as a bell at my end and my guests (the entire recording)
Question: How do I get rid of the static I'm hearing when the guests speak?