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Log In Issues Working Remotely


Hi, I now have to use two accounts for different employers - I'm a freelancer. 

I'm working remotely at present in a different country from where the email address of one of the employers is registered. 
It's an academic address. 
When I switched account and came back to that academic account on Zoom, Zoom detected an unusual login and sent a confirmation code to that email address. The only issue is, I can't access it from outside the country of origin due to my employer's outdated, clunky IT security. 

I don't want to add 2FA or use a VPN and do that every time I switch, which is several times a day. Not least because the VPN can affect connection speeds. 
Can someone suggest the best solution? 
Can I
1. Add a phone number to have the code sent there?
2. Change the email address to my gmail, without losing my licenced account privileges?
3. Something else?

Thanks for your help.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @Tiffaldo 

You can set it up in My Profile.
The procedure is as follows.