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Is it possible to disable the group chat feature for just one particpant and not the others?


Is it possible for the Host to prevent just one person from sending a chat the group, i.e., Everyone, but allow others to do that? Can it be set so that only the Host can send messages to Everyone?


I've been in meetings where I don't see "Everyone" on my list of who I can send a chat to,  meanwhile I see (1) the Host sending a chat to Everyone, and (2) non-Hosts sending a msg to Everyone as well, all the while I can't. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Unfortunately, in-meeting chat controls apply to everyone equally. There is no way to restrict just one user as you described. 

What you described is likely host and co-hosts being able to still chat with everyone, while normal attendees are restricted in some way. 

I hope Zoom considers adding the capability for the host to disable the chat for just one participant (or select participants) as, especially with younger students, but probably some adults as well, you have someone that is rude or inappropriate and you have to disable the chat for everyone. It's like punishing the whole class because of one person. My class of students enjoy using the chat for a variety of activities we do, but we have one very rude student who disrupts the class and we end up having to disable chat for all....Same with annotating on the white board or power points. 😞