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Chat setting on but not working


Hi!  I have all of the basic chat settings on for our account but not able to save the chats or take screenshots of them.  For some reason when I am hosting a zoom I can see the chat feature on the host panel, but the attendees do not see the chat option.  And if I send them a chat direct message they do not receive it.  What is going on? What setting could I have missed or do they need to do something on their ends?  Thanks!




Attendee | Zoom Employee
Attendee | Zoom Employee

Without knowing exactly what settings you have enabled, or what version or device everyone is on, it's hard to say for certain but hopefully I can help you check a few things.

  • Is this for meetings or webinars? Learn more about enabling meeting chat or enabling webinar chat.
    • I did some testing on my own, and for meetings, even if Participant Can Chat With is set to No one, as the host, you should still be able to send chats to all participants and individual participants directly. They just wouldn't be able to respond back to you, but they should still see the Chat icon in the meeting controls toolbar and read your messages. Can you verify this is enabled in your settings?
  • Is this happening to all of your participants or only some? 
    • Maybe you have a feature enabled on your account that requires a specific version that some of your participants aren't on. Here's more info on how to update Zoom to the latest version based on your operating system. Could you try checking if any of your participants could update their device and see if that worked?