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Chat/display name incorrect


We have a weekly team meeting where my team of 8 join via our personal meeting room link.


We are running into an issue where chat messages aren't being sent to the right person. For example: Ciara attempts to send a private chat message to me (Alisa) but it's delivered to Hattie. We've also had it where Hattie will try to send a message to Ciara, but it shows that Alisa sent the message instead of Hattie. I've been instructed to figure out how to fix this, but have no idea how to do so. 


Our entire team has access to the Zoom account. Often, when they join the meeting, they have to change their display name from Alisa to their name. Could that be what's causing the issue? Is there a certain way they should join the meeting to prevent this from happening? Any advice is appreciated!



we have the same issue where multiple people show as "you" in chat though they've changed their names and show correctly on their video image.



I am having the same issue where I am hosting the meeting and my name is correct on the screen but there is another participant's name showing up instead of mine when I submit a chat message.  He is signed in as co-host so I don't know if that's part of the problem. 

Yes, I am having the same issues. I'm posting links and payment information in the chat, as the Host, but it shows up as one of my co-host's posting it... Is this a Zoom glitch or something I can fix myself? It's problematic because it's creates confusion for my meeting participants.



Same here. I “removed as co-host” while in the meeting and that didn’t fix it but it may be a factor on signing in.