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We currently have a Zoom Room set up for our school board meetings. We have a second location that is used for school board committee meetings. We would like to use the same Zoom Room credentials for this second location. We are using a Promethean board with a PC attached. Can someone explain how to add this second location to the Zoom Room?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @ostt 


I don't think that is possible - at least not cleanly.


A Zoom Room is a licensed device.


You may be able to add a second unlicensed Room to your account, and then login to your Admin Portal and re-assign the license each time - but this might play havoc with any arranged meetings.


You could also leave the Room unlicensed, but then it could only be used by a Paired licensed user locally, if paired with a client app in a walk-up type situation. The Room itself could not Host or arrange meetings.


Unless someone else has a different opinion.