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Zoom Room missing data in dashboard


Missing data in the dashboard reporting for Zoom Rooms. All of the Zoom Rooms are not showing any data in the dashboard. Appears none of my Zoom Rooms are showing any activity for the last 30 days, I do not believe this to be hte case as our rooms are used quite frequently.


Anyone have this happen. Is there a setting within the portal that could have turned this off?


Most of my devices are running Android 5.8.3



Hello, I am having the same issue and I have opened 2 tickets with Zoom to see what the cause is. 

I have been migrating rooms to a new sub account we created and when I am in that I can see room data from September to current which is missing from the Master account.



I have also opened support cases regarding this issue and feedback I get back is that engineering team is aware of this issue and no time frame available on when it will be resolved. Hope it is soon!


got a reply from Zoom a couple of weeks back that stated I should update all my Room software (PC) to the 5.9.3 version.

Did so and still am not seeing all the data I saw before but am seeing overall minutes, usage and such. What I was interested in was the breakdown between meeting minutes and sharing minutes as I have been including that in a quarterly report for my Leadership Team. It is still not there and Zoom has not been able to give me any kind of ETA on when it might be fixed.

In addition, I found that when I updated my room controller software to version 5.9.0 (iOS) it changes the interface to one resembling the desktop application interface. It had issues when I tried it out on one controller so I am not updating the rest until I can get a resolution for my ticket.